Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Apple Watch included with my Nico Gerard PINNACLE?

Yes, the 38mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch is included with the Nico Gerard PINNACLE, and the Nico Gerard Skyview PINNACLE for preorders.

The 38mm Gold Apple Watch Edition is included with the Nico Gerard Sunrise PINNACLE.

How long is the warranty?

The limited warranty is for a period of three years.

What if I want to upgrade my smart watch?

The Evolution Service includes adapter changes to any supported smart device.

Is there a Nico Gerard for $350.00?

No. You may order a Javelin Watch for as low as $349.95! Until September 8th, you can even get $150.00 off any of their watches. That means you can try a DUO Concept watch for as little as $199.95.