Precision Service


Servicing a Nico Gerard timepiece is a meticulously exacting process. It is designed to ensure that when a timepiece leaves a Nico Gerard service center the timepiece complies with its original aesthetic and functional specifications. Upon arrival, each timepiece is disassembled and the components are ultrasonically cleaned. Next, each Nico Gerard timepiece is rigorously tested for reliability, accuracy, and water-resistance. It is then tuned and electronically tested for timing accuracy to ensure precision. This level of detail also goes into servicing each case and bracelet. After a timepiece is serviced, it goes through a final inspection where the power reserve, timing accuracy, and aesthetic appearance of each watch is verified against Nico Gerard's manufacturing specifications to insure the highest possible standard of quality.

Evolution Service


When a smart device upgrade comes out, Nico Gerard is there to support the change. Evolution Service includes the Precision Service and a connector upgrade to a new supported smart device.

Heritage Service


Nico Gerard may be reconfigured as a classic-model timepiece to pass on. Heritage Service includes the Precision Service and a transformation of the band.